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About Foxcar (that'd be me)

There's a little background on me in the author's note for Flipside, but I figured I'd throw this out there too, since I haven't done much to the site in a while. So here goes...

I'm what you might call an old-school lifestyle fur. And oh, I HATE the term "furry" when used as a noun. It's like trekkie vs. trecker. I'm a fur, not a furry.

So what, exactly, do I mean by old-school lifestyle fur? Ask a dozen furs and you'll get a dozen waffling answers. Furry means different things to different people, so I won't debate the merits of furry fans, weres, or any interpretation of 'lifestyle.'

For me it simply means that I want to be an anthropomorphic red fox and that I feel a connection with the four-legged variety. I don't claim any mystical spirit bond with foxes, I just feel, well, connected.

That connection goes to many levels. For example, I'd be just as happy to stay human if I could be mates with an anthro red fox (or an anthro a lot of things *grin*. I have a particular weakness for wolves and lions, but also plenty of others depending on my train of thought that day). If you haven't guessed by the content of my stories, said mate would be male.

It all started very young. Soon after the original Star Wars came out, I was having elaborate sexual fantasies about Chewbacca despite the fact that I hadn't even reached puberty yet. It isn't all about sex, though, it's just that I've always been physically attracted to furry people. How do you explain and 11 year-old having sexual fantasies about a furry, animalistic guy? Go figure! I watch monster/creature movies for the monsters/creatures. I hate the idea of werewolves chomping on people, but can't help renting every werewolf movie hoping for a few good screen shots. I guess I'm insufferable that way.

Read the original Denworld or Flipside and you've pretty much got my every desire in a nutshell.

I'll leave it at that. :o)