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Denworld: Imperfect
The Fox and the Coyote
Pod Man: Part 1
Pod Man: Part 2

Here you'll find my short stories.   Sadly as of late I've lacked the ambition to do more, but I've got several ideas and a lot of snippets to work on.  Hopefully one of these days I'll get back to serious writing.

There's another Denworld on the way, a sequel/completion of The Fox and the Coyote, and at least one completely new story.  Let's hope the muse, along with some spare time, come back to spur me to write them.  :o)

Click the Acrobat icon to the left of each story link to download a PDF.  I highly recommend doing this because, as much as I'm not a big PDF fan, I was too lazy to transfer all the formatting (italics, etc.) to the web pages.  The PDF's were exported from the completed documents and retain all formatting.